Split Rock Climbing Tour

Rock climbing in Split

Enjoy the thrill of rock climbing and spend an exciting and fulfilling day out on the rocks! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, with All Dalmatia Holidays you can grow your skills and discover the beauty of this challenging activity. Split area has over 700 rock climbing routes ranging from beginner to expert level and offering some of the Europe's most amazing views. We provide unforgettable climbing experience in some of the best Croatian rock climbing sites, including the islands. Our guided rock climbs are ideal for those who want to try rock climbing in a fun and safe environment. We offer 8-hour full-day rock climbing tour. This tour includes the climbing equipment and is led by our local and professionally trained rock climbing guides who will make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. All levels and abilities are welcome!


  • Spending time in nature and discovering the benefits of outdoor adventures
  • Pushing your personal boundaries
  • Enjoying remarkable scenery and some truly unforgettable views

Quick facts

  • Tour type: Rock Climbing
  • Start time: Any day of the week
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy to challenging
  • Min age: 8
  • Price: 50 € per person

What to expect

Upon your arrival to the rock climbing site, our experienced instructors will take you through a quick safety breifing. First timers will be given short introduction to climbing, explained the equipment and gear and shown the basic techniques. They will be given the opportunity to rock climb different sections and encouraged and coached to get further with each try. In case you are a passionate climber with previous experience and you have a desire to try rock climbing in Split area but you don’t have your equipment with you – our guided tours are a great way to spend the day climbing with us taking care of everything you will need. For advanced climbers we are able to organize more challenging climbs that will help them improve their skills.


Full-day rock climbing tours: from €50 per person (8 hours)

What is included:

Climbing equipment (rope, harness, climbing shoes, carabiners...)Professional guideInsurance


We can create climbing tours that are tailored to your exact needs: just fill out the inquiry form and let us know what you wish to take away from the tour, the dates that suit you and the amount of time available and we will get back to you, trying our best to meet your requirements.