Zrnovnica Mühle Brotbackkurs

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Do you feel like stepping back in time for a day and learning the secrets of traditional bread making? If you can already feel the smell of freshly baked bread, join us for a fun (and tasty!) three-hour bread baking workshop at a picturesque 500-year-old restored water mill in Žrnovnica! We will explore the historic stone mill machinery and discover how the flow of water was used to turn the water wheels and to power millstones to grind corn and wheat. You will spend fun and informative few hours in a laid back atmosphere on an enchanting location and learn just how rewarding bread baking can be. Starting our day with a sack of wheat you will get to know the entire process, finishing the tour with a loaf of home-made bread made with your own fair hands. You will head home with full hearts, bearing your delicious, fresh bread, but… will you be able to overcome the temptation of eating it along the way?


  • Enjoy the ride to Žrnovnica village, first mentioned in 11th century
  • Visit romantic Antoničin Mill, regularly operating for over 500 years
  • Take a walk around enchanting Game of Thrones setting along the river
  • Have a go at mixing and kneading your own bread dough
  • Experience the smell of fresh bread baked the traditional way
  • Have fun with your informative and laid back host
  • Taste delicious local snacks and fresh local produce

Schnelle Fakten

  • Tourart: Cooking Classes
  • Tourstart: 3 hours
  • Dauer: Flexible
  • Zeitplan: Any day
  • Priese ab: 38 € pro Person

Was zu erwarten

After pick up at the meeting point we will head towards Žrnovnica, a small village at the foot of Mosor Mountain near Split. It is a place of serene beauty perched along the Žrnovnica River which boasts a long tradition of milling. Today we will visit Antoničin Mill, a restored 13th century mill which has been operating uninterruptedly for hundreds of years, handed down from generation to generation and still using the same centuries-old techniques. First written mention of it goes back to 1685. And indeed, arriving at the mill you will feel as though you’d stepped back in time: clear river waters, abundant greenery, charming old mill with stone millstones revolving just as they had for at least past five centuries. You will be welcomed by your host and start the day with a shot of aromatic homemade liquor after which we’ll take a walk around the enchanting garden laying right at the river bank. No wonder that this magical place was recently used as the setting of hugely popular show “Game of Thrones”. Next up, we will go inside the mill and get familiar with the milling process in rather informal and friendly atmosphere. You will see how delicately and slowly the corn and grain are milled between the millstones to produce highly nutritious whole wheat flour. You will hear more about its health benefits and learn basics of measuring and mixing a traditional bread dough. First you will watch how it’s done, than you’ll have a go at kneading your own dough which we will put to be baked in a traditional wood-fired oven as we take a break for snack. You will be served quality, locally sourced snacks and seasonal produce accompanied by home-made beverages. This will also be your opportunity to ask any questions and take away some tips on bread-making at home. At the end of your morning you will have a small loaf of your own bread to take home with you, and beautiful memories of a very authentic and out-of-the-ordinary experience!

Good to know: This workshop is suitable for all ages as we believe it is a fun experience for everyone and anyone can make bread if given clear instructions. Your class can be tailored to specific needs if required, so feel free to get in touch if you have special requirements.


This is a small group tour. Tour price depends on the number of people: 4-6 persons: 45€ per person. 6-8 persons: 43€ per person. 9-14 persons: 38€ per person. Please note: There is a 4 person minimum, so get a few friends together and reserve the tour. If you don't know other who might be interested, get in touch with us and we'll try to put together a class.

Im Preis inbegriffen:

Air-conditioned minivan transferWelcome liquor shotsIngredients for hands-on baking demoBread loaf to take homeRefreshments and traditional “marenda”

Im Preis nicht enthalten:

Food and drinks other than specifiedPersonal expenses


The schedule of this workshop is absolutely flexible and can be organized upon request any day of the week.